Cajon Starter Course

Lesson 3

Building Grooves


on making it to Cajon Starter course Lesson 3.

The fact that you’ve come this far shows me that you are committed to learning and will take the necessary steps to reach your goals.

Make sure that you have completed the assignment from Lesson 2 before we begin. If you need to refresh, you can do so here.

Warm up by playing the Basic 8th note Rock groove

When you’re warmed up, watch the video below…


Exercises from Video

Basic Rock Groove 

Bass Variation 1

Bass Variation 2

Bass Variation 3

Metronome Apps

Here are suggestions for metronome apps I use that you can download on your device:

  • Metrotimer 
  • Sound Brenner 
  • Tempo metronome
  • Pulse metronome

Get one of these apps and you’re sorted!

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