Cajon Starter Course

Lesson 1

Basic Tones


to the Cajon Starter Course (Crash Course

I’m very glad you enrolled and am excited to share with you some of the most useful and valuable things I’ve learned in my 10+ years playing the Cajon.

This course is a condensed version of my beginners course The Cajon Foundation. It’s meant to give you an introduction of what I teach in the Cajon Foundation course. 

This Cajon Starter Course has 3 units that are released to you one per day over the course of 3 days. Be sure to check your inbox each day for the private link to your daily lesson and video.

Ready to Start?

Click on the video for lesson 1 below.

If you’re not absolutely clear on what you just watched, I recommend watching the video again. You just learned some basic hand technique that is the key to everything that follows in this course.

Exercises from Video




And now?

It’s important for your progress that you follow my instructions closely and do the little daily assignments I give you.

Each successive lesson depends on you knowing the material from the day before.

The Next Lesson

Can only be accessed using the link in the email you will receive tomorrow, so look out for it in your inbox, and if you haven’t done so already, add to your list of contacts or whitelist my email address.

Just because you received an email from me already does not mean that future emails won’t go into spam or junk mail.

Can't Wait?

If you really can’t wait, and want to dive in and get all of my training on how to play the Cajon to then learn how to build grooves to play your favorite songs, you can always jump ahead of the line and order the full Cajon Foundation Course here.

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