Using Percussion Foot Accessories with the Cajon

This post is for you that want to expand your possibilities adding different elements when you play the cajon.

These elements are called Foot rattles they are made of wood seeds shells that you can strap around the ankle and play almost instinctively like you are keeping time with your feet. There are different pattern to play these foot accessories but this will be for another video with a tutorial 😉

The foot rattles are made by Meinl Percussion and I’ve chosen 3 different types to test in this video, to show you the different sounds you can have.

I’ve included links of the foot accessories in case you want to buy them:

☞ Bendo Seeds:

Amazon worldwide –

Thomann EU –

☞ Kenen Seeds

Amazon worldwide –

Thomann EU –

☞ Pangi Seeds

Amazon worldwide –

Thomann EU –

So, let’s see how to use these foot rattles and how it sounds with the cajon.


So, what do you think of these foot percussion accessories to play with the cajon? Please, leave your comment below with your opinions. I would love to know more about it 😉

See you very soon in the next post!

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