Unboxing My New Cajons! + Meinl Percussion Accessoires

Unboxing day!

In this video I’m going to show you my new Meinl Cajons and some amazing Meinl percussion accessories. Watch the video and leave your comments about this unboxing.


Amazon links:

Aluminium Shaker – https://geni.us/7aCu6p

Luis Conte Medium Shaker – https://geni.us/l34n

Luis Conte Soft Shaker – https://geni.us/CyJhXbI

Siam Oak Pandeiro – https://geni.us/oekSz

Mini Djembe – https://geni.us/ZpAc8Oq

Mini Cajon Heart Ash – https://geni.us/IbQAcS

Wood Güiro – https://geni.us/eDdxsT

Cajon Backpack Pro – https://geni.us/56sT

Deluxe Cajon Bag – https://geni.us/hFx0U

Cajon Artisan Cantina Line – https://geni.us/ylgxk

Cajon Artisan Martinete Line – https://geni.us/lWsK

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