The Best Flamenco Cajon? Meinl Artisan Buleria Line – Unbox Play-test & Review

I’m here today with a cajon from my favourite line of cajons, the Meinl Artisan Buleria line

Meinl Artisan is a professional series of cajons made in Spain by the famous manufacture Pepote Percussion. Pepote is a Cajon Maker focused mainly in Flamenco cajons those ones that come with Strings in the Inside.

It’s very important to say that all the Artisan Line of cajons is 100% handmade. 

Let’s check out specifications according to the Meinl Percussion website.


  • Two sets of 5 adjustable strings.
  • Rounded corners and thumb notches for optimal playing comfort and sound
  • Specially formulated soft rubber feet. They are Transparent rubber feet. Good to not leave marks on the floor
  • Tuning screw to adjust string tension. 
  • Ergonomically rounded front plate with convex contact.
  • Pop filter in the back on the sound-hole.
  • Bass reflex system.
  • The size is 18″inches by  11.25″ by  11.75″ Inches

This Cajon costs $329 in the US and 319€ in Europe.

To buy this Cajon, please use the links below, thanks!



Let’s see how it sounds!



Starting with the Snare, it has a crispy and nice sound and It’s very sensitive! I’ve tested playing it with different dynamics and the results are great. I could listen to all the ghost-notes perfect and clear. I think the 2 sets of adjustable strings do the job well! And the amount of sizzle sound it’s just fine.

I like to listen this snare sizzle sound in the back when I’m playing. Of course you can adjust he amount of sizzle you want with the adjustable system, which is a cool option.

Talking about the Bass sound, it has a low end tone that’s is surprising for its size. I’m pretty sure this is because of the bass reflex system that I think works fine for that. 

The design is beautiful and this LAVA BURL looks very nice. 

I think also that the price of this cajon is what makes it interesting because for $329 dollars you can get a handmade professional cajon with adjustable strings. I think is a good value for money. I recommend this cajon for every cajon player that wants to upgrade and also for those ones that are looking to buy a great 1st cajon.

What I would like now,  is to hear from you, what do you think about this cajon. What are the things you like and the things you don’t like about it.

Comment below all your thoughts about the Buleria line.

After many requests I’m glad  to have done this review and sound test to show another option for you that are looking to buy a new cajon.

If you like this Cajon and want to buy it, you can use the links below.



See you soon in the next cajon review!

3 thoughts on “The Best Flamenco Cajon? Meinl Artisan Buleria Line – Unbox Play-test & Review”

  1. Purchased the Buleria/Lava Burl. Beautifully crafted. Ergonomically thoughtful. One setback… the rubber feet. They are a little shorter (shallower) than my other Snarecraft Meinl cajon. This is a big problem when using the Meinl foot pedal. Pedal connector bar that runs under the cajon doesn’t line up with the height of the rubber feet—so the cajon will not sit on the floor evenly. For now, I resorted to putting a ceramic tile under each of the feet so it sits flat. I will be looking to replace the feet.

    With that being said… an excellent sounding instrument. Was pre-tuned perfectly right out of the box. Snares are crisp and sensitive. Ghost notes are clear. Range of bass notes with a “rounded” bass sound that projects nicely with and without a mic. Highly recommend.

      1. Hiya Felipe! Hope all’s well. I am using the Meinl Direct Drive pedal… weird little problem to have… even tried swapping the feet from my Snarecraft. Maybe I am missing something with the pedal? IDK… so still using ceramic tile underneath. Love the sound and craftsmanship…

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