12 Cajons Sound Demo – Cajon Buyers Guide II

I’m here today with a video that might be helpful for a lot of people.

Since I’ve released the Cajon Buyers Guide video last year, I’ve got many requests to make another video showing the different types of cajon and how do they sound. I’ve made this video where I’m going to play 12 cajons. There will be mainly 2 types of Cajons, The ones with Snare wires in the inside called Snare cajons and the ones with strings in the inside called Flamenco cajons.

I will play the 12 cajons with the same groove in 2 minutes for you to compare all the different sounds. All The Cajons I’m playing in the video are from Meinl Percussion. I’ve linked all the cajons below if want to purchase one of them.

So, let’s go to the sound demo of the cajons.


So what do you think? Which one sounds best to you? I would love to know your opinions about these cajons. Comment below and let’s start a discussion

Thanks a lot for watching

ALL 12 Cajons ⬇️

Snarecraft Heart Ash SC80HA – https://geni.us/L2epeW

Jam Baltic Birch JC50AB-B – https://geni.us/QF58E

Viva Rhythm Snare Cajon – tinyurl.com/pyscm6th

Snarecraft Burl Wood SC80BW – https://geni.us/g5ACEBB

Snarecraft PRO Walnut SCP100WN – https://geni.us/kqzvv81

Jumbo Subwoofer Walnut SUBCAJ5WN – https://geni.us/SH44oH

Artisan Tango Line LIMBA AETLLI – https://geni.us/Modxo

Artisan Tango Line BROWN EUCALYPTUS AETLBE – https://geni.us/1ZqXlpi

Artisan Tango Line GREY EUCALYPTUS AETLGE – https://geni.us/6qOV

Artisan Cantina Line LIMBA AECLLI – https://geni.us/vBLXWB

Artisan Cantina Line WALNUT AECLWN – https://geni.us/ylgxk

Artisan Martinete Line BRAZILIAN IRONWOOD AEMLBI – https://geni.us/lWsK

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