Meinl Slaptop Cajon Unboxing and Review


I was looking at different types of cajons on the web and I saw this Slaptop cajon. Right away, I have asked Meinl to send me one to test and today I’m gonna show you why this cajon can be interesting for a lot of people.

The model I’m reviewing today is the Meinl Turbo Slaptop Cajon.


This is so much fun to play! It’s an interesting instrument because you have 3 very different sounds, 


Starting with the bass sound right on the middle of the instrument, it’s very cool and I like the sustain of it!  It reminds the Subwoofer cajon I’ve reviewed not long ago. I think because of the sound port in the front and the walnut playing surface that gives a similar warm sound.


The snare played on the sides its great, very cool smack sound and what impressed me the most is the sound separation, when you play the snare you don’t have any bass sound  and when you play a bass sound there is not snare buzz on it.


The mid tone sound like a bongo or conga, It’s very cool to play fills and fast rolls and It also gives a very nice option to improvise.

It’s very comfortable to have the Slaptop Cajon on the lap, especially with the rubber pads in both sides.

The design is cool and the playing surface made of Walnut wood looks very nice.

Overall, I think is great! Sound wise I’m not going to say that it replace the actual cajon or the full size cajon but I think it can be played with the same technique.

 I think is good value for money

This Cajon costs $139 in the US and 129€ in Europe.

To buy this Cajon, please, use this link –

As I said, I like it, its very fun to play and I’m going to explore it more

If you like this Cajon and want to buy it, you can use the link in the description below.

Please, Leave your comment below with your opinions about this cajon and other cajons. I would love to know!

3 thoughts on “Meinl Slaptop Cajon Unboxing and Review”

    1. Hi Kev, it depends. The Baltic birch is more bright and has a natural sound. The MDF has more volume and projection. I prefer the Baltic birch. Which model are you looking at?

  1. Hi Felipe,

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I have recently purchased the Nativo studio Cajon and I am really enjoying the learning process, your videos are amazing and I have learned so much from them. Your enthusiasm has helped me love the Cajon even more.

    I have just ordered the Meinl slaptop turbo pickup cajon, and it should arrive in about 10 days, I’m really looking forward to it. This version has the Baltic birch with the walnut playing surface.

    I will soon have two cajons, so my computer will be very busy watching your videos Felipe, keep on doing all these good things Mr Cajon Master, and thank you.

    Best wishes,


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