Best Budget Cajon – Meinl Snare Craft Unboxing


Today I’m going to do a unboxing and sound test of a cajon that I consider one of the Best Budget Snare Cajons in the market:

The Meinl Snarecraft Cajon.

There are different models inside of the Snare craft line. In this line The body structure of the Cajons is pretty much the same, the difference between each model is basically the wood material of the tapa or front plate of the cajon.

The model we are reviewing today is the Meinl Snarecraft Heart Ash.

This model is offered in 3 sizes and the one we are testing is the middle size – 11 3/4″ X 18″ X 11 3/4″ 

This cajon costs 99 euros in Europe or $109 in the US.

So, let’s unbox the box! 🙂 And hear how this Cajon sounds.



As a Snare Cajon I think there is a good sound separation between the bass and the snare. This means that when we play the bass we don’t have that much snare buzz going on.


The Snare sound is high peached and there is a nice smack on it! The two sides of the cajon sound very good as well.


The bass sound I can say that is not so low but is controlled.


This is not a very sensitive cajon. What makes it good for pop and rock styles. Specially When you need to play a more steady groove with a strong backbeat. Another good feature is the possibility to tune the tension of the front plate according to the place you are.

Let’s say that it’s a good entry-level Cajon, with a very good price! I would suggest this Cajon for everyone that is starting out and looking to buy the first Cajon, It’s good value for money!

If you like this Cajon and want to buy it here is the link –

I hope you like this review.

Please, Leave your comment below with your opinions about this cajon and other cajons you would like to see a review.

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