MEINL DIGITAL CAJON Play-test & Review

Today I want to talk about this new instrument – The Meinl Digital Cajon.

It’s an electric percussion instrument like an electric drum kit but built in a shape of a cajon. There are some other digital cajons out there but this one is different and in today’s video I want to answer for you 2 question I had before I put my hands on it.

1- Can this digital cajon replace a traditional cajon?

2- Is this a valuable practice tool to help improving your cajon playing?

Let’s find out! 


  • This cajon comes with 4 rubber pads in the front plate.
  • 10 pre-programmed digital sound combinations of MEINL cajons, percussion instruments, drums and cymbals
  • It comes with a power supply with international adapters.

  • The little info sheet with all the specs and the list of sound programs.

  • And The foot switch to change the different programs. 

    You can also change the program in the switch on the top of the cajon, on the seat plate.

“This full-sized cajon is completely digital to expand your sound options in an instant and allow for silent practice. The MEINL Percussion Digital Cajon respond with pre-programmed digital samples of MEINL instruments and other drums. From cajons and bongos to rock drums, cymbals and tambourines, The MEINL Percussion Digital Cajon creates a full percussion set or drum kit experience!”

This Cajon costs $299 in the US and 319€ in Europe.

link to Buy –

So, let’s dive into it and check all the sounds of the cajon!



This is cool! Let’s start with the Cajon sounds. The first 5 programs.

There is a good combinations of sounds and with a good sensitivity. I have to say that I missed the real sensitivity but like an electric drum kit, it’s impossible to be sensitive like the a real cajon. I also like the extra tambourines, Cymbals and claps on the central pad, on the top of the front plate. These are good to create effects.

The Drum kit sounds are similar to an electric drum kit and is good to have this option. My favourite drum sound was the drum machine, that has a vintage electric drum sound, I like it!

The Congas, bongos and Timbales have a good and clean sound. These options are great for cajon players that want to explore new sounds.

Answering the questions I’ve mentioned at the beginning of the video.

1- Can the digital cajon replace a traditional cajon?

No, this is a digital percussion instrument adapted in a cajon body with differences in sound, touch and response.  

2- Can this be a valuable practice tool to help improving your cajon playing?

Yes, definitely this can be a great practice tool to use at home with an amp or silent practice with headphones, the neighbour will be very happy!

I also think this digital cajon can be good for small gigs for example. If you need different percussion sounds like conga and bongos in 1 instrument, this can be an option.

The price I think is correct based in all the features that comes with the cajon.

$299 in the US and 319€ in Europe.

link to Buy –

I will for sure have it in the house to explore new ideas and of course for silent practice.

Please, Leave your comment below with your opinions about this cajon.

See you next time with more cajon related topics 😉

4 thoughts on “MEINL DIGITAL CAJON Play-test & Review”

  1. I found you by chance and I am glad that did. I also started to follow you on youtube. I pick my first “organic” cajon, a Meinl, tomorrow. Abrigado!

    1. This is great Marco! Let me know if you need anything when you get your new cajon, I will be happy to help.
      Thanks for your message

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