Best Cajon Under $200

This is a video review of a great flamenco style cajon hand made in Spain by Meinl Percussion. This is the Artisan Tango Line.

Today I’m reviewing a cajon from my favorite line of Cajons

Is the Meinl Artisan TANGO line Cajon and The model I’m testing today is the Limba!

The Meinl Artisan is a professional series of Cajons made in Spain by the famous manufacture Pepote Percussion. Pepote is a Cajon Maker focused mainly in Flamenco cajons those ones that come  with Strings in the Inside.

And It’s important to say that all the Cajons are 100% handmade, because of that the price is a bit higher then other types of cajons.

However, The Tango line is the most affordable of the artisan series. And I’m very excited to test and review this one for you.

So, Let’s go first to the specs according to the Meinl Percussion website.


  • It features 2 sets of Pre tuned strings
  • Rounded corners and thumb notches for optimal playing comfort and sound

This is one of the signatures of the Meinl Artisan cajons, the little curves on the top of the front plate

  • Specially formulated soft rubber feet 

They are Transparent rubber feet. Good to not leave marks in the floor

  • Ergonomically rounded frontplate with convex contact – 
  • this means that the front plate is rounded toward the inside of the cajon and convex contact is something common in the artisan cajons, that is a lacquer of tear drops to give a texture when we play.


  • The size is 19″inches  by  11.25″ by  11.75″ Inches

This Cajon costs $199 in the US and 199€ in Europe.

But before that, before buying it let’s see how it sounds!



Starting with the Snare sound. Its amazing how sensitive it is! When I played the ghost notes I could listen to the notes clearly.

I think the 2 sets of strings do the job and actually! they came perfectly tuned.


The Bass sound its pretty standard, easy to ajust in the mix – without a lot of string sound. 

Its normal to have a bit of String sound in a Flamenco cajon because the strings are placed all along the tapa, the front plate. 

Some times some flamenco cajons have to much that buzz sound all over the place that can be to much

This one is very well balanced.


The design is great and this Layer of Limba wood looks very nice. It’s difficult to point out what would be better. 

I think for this price – $199 – you can have a professional sounding cajon and I recommend this cajon for every cajon player that wants to upgrade and also for those ones that are looking to buy a great 1st cajon.

I’m glad  to have done this review and sound test because The artisan cajons are the ones I’m using here in my studio and I’m impressed in how versatile they are for the different styles of music I play.

If you like this Cajon and want to buy it, you can use the link in below.

Meinl Artisan Tango Line – Limba AETILLI –

Meinl Artisan Tango Line – Light Eucalyptus AETLLE –

I hope you like this review.

Please, Leave your comment below with your opinions about this cajon.


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