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I was searching for backing tracks and songs to practice without the drums on it, let’s say drum less tracks. And I’ve found this app, the Moises APP and it says in their website “Romove Drums from any song”. At the beginning I was not sure if it would work but then it blew me away!! You can remove not only the drums or percussion of the track but the other stems or instruments as well.

So, I will show you how it works with the Free version of the app. There is a premium version as well where you can have more features but the Free version its already great!

Step 1

You can download this app for any apple or android devices. After you download and install the app, let’s open it… There are few ways you can add a song to the app – You can add from any kind of public URL, or any link to a mp3; You can add it from you iTunes or music library; You can add songs from dropbox or google drive, etc.

I will add a song from my music library, a song I was playing at the beginning of the video called Ride with you from Epidemic sound, link to Epidemic sound

Step 2

Then you can choose:

2 Track separation – vocals and instrumental

4 Tracks Separation – Vocals, drums, Bass and other

5 tracks separation (Premium users)

In the Free version we will choose the 4 track separation. After you will submit the track and the upload should take few seconds then it will process the track for few minutes. Now you can see the 4 stems Vocals, drums, Bass and other. Other it’s all the instruments like keyboard guitar etc.


First feature that is great for drummers and cajon players is that it automatically identifies the speed of the track. You just need to go to the metronome icon to see that. This song for example is at 110bpm. Then you can slow down or speed up the track. Very good for practice.

In the free version you can decrease 10bpm or increase 10pm. In the premium version you can increase and decrease with no limit I think. Also in the premium version you can have the click automatic what is also very nice!

This app is great for you that want to make a cajon cover for example without the drums in the background or want to do a instrumental version without vocals. I suggest you to download it for free and start using it right away. Great tool for include in your practice.


After using it a bit, Let me know you experience with the app in the comments below, I would love to know.

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Thanks a lot for watching!

See you next time.

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