The Best Snare cajon? Meinl Snarecraft PRO Unboxing


Today I’m reviewing a cajon that I like to say that is a 2in1 cajon. I like to say that’s a 2in1 because of the option to use it with or without the snare wire.

This is the Review and Play test of the Meinl Snarecraft Pro Cajon – WALNUT – SCP100WN

Let’s check  the specifications in the meinl percussion website.


  • It comes with 2 sets of  adjustable snare wires (Like the ones we find in a snare drum). 

Adjustable because It comes with a throw-off-Nob to turn the snare wires On and Off. 

It says here for both Flamenco and Peruvian styles. Flamenco because of the snare sound and Peruvian because normally the Peruvian cajons don’t have snare wires or strings in the inside.

  • Rounded corners and Strong Rubber feat.

The body is made of Baltic birch And the front plate or tapa is made of Walnut wood.

  • The size of this cajon is 11.75” depth X 19.75 height X 11.”75 width.

This Cajon costs $189 in the US and 189EU in Europe

Link to buy – SCP100WN –


More information about this Cajon you will find at

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