Cajon with 3 Sounds TRI TONE Unbox Play-test & Review

Hello Cajon players,

Today I’m reviewing a different kind of cajon – The Meinl TRI TONE Cajon by Meinl Viva Rhythm. It’s a different kind because it has 3 different sounds in the front plate.

So, Let’s check out the Meinl VivaRhythm website and see the specifications.


This cajon has 3 different sounds in the tapa or front plate

  • Snare cajon in the left side with one internal snare wire.
  • Bongo Cajon in the right side
  • Peruvian Cajon from the middle to the lower part of the front plate.

The body of the cajon is made of baltic birch, similar to other snare cajons from meinl and the front plate has the Striped Onyx finish.

The size of this cajon is a kind of the standard size of 50cm height by 30cm depth by 30cm width

This Cajon costs $129 in the US and 129€ in Europe.

To buy this Cajon, please use the links:

Europe –

Worldwide –

So, the most important now, let’s see how it sounds!




Very nice to play!

It’s interesting because you have these 3 very different sounds and completely separated. Actually this a percussion instrument in a Cajon body and if you listen back to what I’ve just played with the eyes closed you’ll hear 3 different instruments played at the same time. 

Let’s start with the Bongo sound, it’s very crispy and controlled.

The snare in the left side is cool, dry and the single snare wire does the job well.

The lower part, described as the Peruvian sound is nice but I miss a bit of bass on it.

I think the position of this area from the middle to the low end of the front plate is the downside of it, because is a bit too low and sometimes I need to bend over to get a bass sound. In my opinion it would be very cool if this area had at least 5cm more in the upper part of the “tapa”.  It would give more bass and also would be better for the posture.

I really think this is a great instrument for Cajon players who want to expand their possibilities adding different sounds and colors.

The price is good, I think $129 or 129eu it’s a good value for money.

To buy this Cajon, please use the links:

Europe –

Worldwide –

As I said, it’s nice to play and I’m going to explore it more.

Please, Leave your comment below with your opinions about this cajon.

See you next time!

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