Cheap $200 VS Expensive $1200 Cajon – Can you hear the difference?

This is a video comparison between two Meinl Artisan cajons:

The Meinl Artisan Tango Line that costs $200 and the Artisan Martinete Line that costs $1200.

I’ve decided to make this video to see if you can hear the difference between the cajons and also why the big price difference.

First I’m going to do a comparison game – I’m going to play a couple of grooves where I’m going back and forth between this 200$ cajon and the 1200$ cajon and I want you to guess which one is the cheap one and the expensive one.

Comment A or B in the comments section below 😉

Now, let’s talk about this 2 cajons

Both Cajons are Flamenco style cajons from the Meinl Artisan Series handmade by Pepote Percussion in Spain.

The $200 is the Meinl Artisan Tango line and its the cheapest model of the series.

The body is made of Baltic birch and the front plate or tapas made of Limba wood. It comes with 2 sets of 3 pre tuned strings. I think if you are a beginner looking for a solid cajon sound, this is perfect for you.

Now let’s see this $1200 cajon which is the Meinl Artisan Martinete line.

What is gonna give the price difference first is the construction of this cajon. The body is made of a solid wood tulip poplar wood and the front plate or tapa of Brazilian Iron wood. It comes with 2 sets of 10 ajustable strings. Its absolutely great all the construction of this cajon and how it feels good to play it.

So, now that you know little bit more about these 2 cajons I’m gonna play some grooves in both cajons for you to tell me what do you think – Watch the video below


So, let me know which cajon do you prefer, which one sounds better to you. And if the more expensive is worth $1000 more the price of the cheap one.

Leave all your thoughts in the comments below>

If you want to purchase one of these cajons here are the links:

Meinl Artisan Tango Line – Limba AETILLI –

Meinl Artisan Martinete Line –

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