How to Use Brushes on Cajon


Have you tried to play the cajon with brushes?

This video is for you that want to expand your possibilities adding different texture with brushes.

Nowadays you can find different types of brushes in the market, I’ve selected for this lesson the ones I normally use for live and recording situations.

The brushes I’m using today are from Meinl and I have chosen 3 different types to show to you the sound options you can get. 

The first one is a kind of a traditional JAZZ BRUSH with metal wires, the model is the 7A Wire brush. The good thing about this one is the wood grip that feels like a drumstick. This one has a more soft touch. Good for style such as Jazz and Bossa Nova.

The second is a Nylon Brush, the model is the Fixed Nylon Brush – It has a good volume especially for pop grooves.

And Now the Standard Cajon Brush also made of nylon. That’s the common choice between cajon player because it allows the player to get a good bass sound and crisp slap tones. 

So, let’s see how to use these brushes and how they sound with the cajon.


Those were the type of brushes I normally use. I hope it was helpful for you.

Now it’s time to practice! – Here is a tutorial Cajon grooves with brushes, check it out!

Please, Leave your comment below with your opinions about this brushes. I would love to know which one you’ll get.

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