The Cajon Groove You Must Know ๐Ÿ˜Ž Syncopated groove lesson

Hi cajon drummers!

Following the concept of drum kit grooves adapted for the cajon today Iโ€™m going to teach you a very cool syncopated groove.

The syncopation is a very cool way to change the conventional pattern that has normally snare accents on beats 2 and 4 and bass on Beats 1 and 3 of the bar. Youโ€™ll notice in the pattern the snare accent played on the a of beat 1 and thatโ€™s what gives a cool effect for the groove. This concept of syncopation is inside of my new Groove Course 2 available at

So, I will start the tutorial slow at 50bpm for you to integrate the pattern and of course I expect that you play with me.

After, we will play it faster at 75bpm and then weโ€™ll play it at the goal tempo of the tutorial at 100bpm, this will be nice!

You can follow this tutorial with the FREE Pdf available in the Free Area.

So, time to learn the beat, letโ€™s get started!


This is another groove to include in your list of grooves.

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I would like ask you leave your comment here with suggestions of topics you want to see here, this is very important to me.

Iโ€™ll see you in the next lesson


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