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What’s up cajon players! I hope you are doing well. 

After 2 weeks off from Youtube I’m back with another cajon lesson for you.

Sorry for being away these days but I have an excuse 🙂 Me and my wife found a new house and last week I was moving and organising things. And also I’ve started building my new studio 🙂 After 4 years in this place, I’m moving the studio as well to our new house. So, this is probably one of the last videos I’m filming here. I’ll keep you updated about that and will do a new studio tour very soon 😉

So, back to todays video, for this tutorial I’ve chosen a very cool Brazilian groove. It’s a Samba Rock groove.

Samba rock it’s style created in the 60’s that fuses samba with soul, rock and funk. It’s one of my favourite Brazilian grooves, and it will be a very good workout for your left hand. Trust me!

As always we start slow at 50bpm. To then try it at 70bpm and to finish with the goal tempo of the tutorial 90bpm. I’ve included in the video the backing track I’ve played at the beginning for you to practice the groove with music.

The pdf with the notation of this lesson is available in the Free Area.

 So, let’s go to the cajon, let’s get started!


I hope you like the groove and it has inspired you to try and create your own grooves. Remember that you can get not only this one but all of my free pdf downloads in the free tools area at

And If you just bought your first cajon and want to learn the basics You can sign-up for my Cajon Starter course, it’s free!

Thanks a lot for watching this video lesson.

I’ll See you soon in the next one.


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