Learn How to Play on the Sides of the Cajon

Whats up cajon players,

I’m back here with a very spicy groove! 

I consider this groove an advanced groove because of the techniques that you need to know to play this pattern. You can notice from the beginning of the video, that there are notes played in the sides of the cajon and also a double stroke with the left hand. These techniques will be included in the new advanced courses I’m writing and filming right now and will be soon available at CajonMaster Courses

We are going to start learning the groove slow at 50bpm for you to integrate the pattern. Then a bit faster at 70 bpm, to then try it at the goal tempo of 90bpm. 

I have also included a Backing track in the video for you to practice this beat.

And of course, you can get the free notation in the Free Tools Area

So, time to learn the groove.


I hope you like this cajon lesson

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Thanks a lot for watching the lesson. Keep playing and having fun with the cajon, this is the most important, always!

I’ll See you next time with another cajon lesson.

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