Learn How To Play Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” on Cajon

Hello cajon players!

I’m here with another cajon tutorial for you, and again, this is part of drum kit grooves adapted for the cajon.

The groove you are going to learn today comes from a Brazilian music style called Baião. This groove it’s also used for Rumba style and nowadays you can hear this in modern pop songs. For example you can hear this groove in songs such as Shape of you by Ed Sheehan.

This tutorial will be a bit different because I’m going to show 2 ways you can playing this groove.

1 – The first one it will be the more conventional one let’s say alternating hands LRLRLRLR…

2 – The second one with a different hand pattern, playing more strokes with the left hand. Actually, the second one will emulate a hi-hat pattern you can hear at the beginning of the video.

In this tutorial we are going start with the metronome slow at 50bpm to integrate the patterns and of course I want you that you play with me. And After you practice and feel comfortable with the patterns we play at the goal tempo 90bpm.

The free pdf is available in the Free Area at cajonmaster.com


I hope you like this Rumba/Baião Groove and the variations.

Don’t forget to like, comment and share this lesson with other cajon players that might be interested.

Thanks again for watching, I’ll catch soon in the next tutorial.

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