How To Play Shakers With The Cajon

Hello Cajon drummers,

This lesson is for you who wants to expand your possibilities adding different texture to your playing, adding shakers.

In this first video I’m going to show some shakers I think make a good match with the cajon. 

The shakers are:

Viva Rhythm Egg shaker pair –

Mini Cajon shaker –

Viva Rhythm Crystal shaker –

Luis Conte live shaker –

So, let’s see how these shakers sound with the cajon.


Now it’s time learn some beats with shakers!

Following the previews video, now you are going to learn 5 basic beats using shakers. For these grooves I’m going to play a shaker with my right hand playing 16th notes.

The shaker I’m using for this tutorial is the Crystal Shaker from Meinl Viva Rhythm. Of course you can use any type of shaker.

I will first play the grooves as I would play in a musical context at 90bpm to then play it slow at 60bpm for you to learn.

As always, You can follow these grooves with the free Pdf available in Free Tools Area.

So, if you’re ready, let’s go to it!


Now, you have these 5 basic grooves with shakers. I hope you will get this lesson as a starting point and will start creating your own grooves with shakers. Can’t wait to hear them!

Leave your comments below with your opinions about this lesson, I would love to hear from you. 

I’ll see you soon in the next lesson!

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