How To Play Rock on Cajon

Hello cajon players! You are about to learn how to play rock beats and fills on cajon.

First I’m going to show you 3 rock grooves and then 5 rock fills. And if you want to get the free notation for the beats and fills you will learn here click the link

The grooves and fills you are going to learn today are written as 8th note patterns. It’s very important to now how play 8th note grooves when we need to play rock songs that normally have fast tempos.

This is how we count 8th note patterns

1  &  2  &  3  &  4  &


So, let’s get started with the grooves first (video below)


Now you are going to learn 5 great Rock fills that will really help to build your fill vocabulary. As mentioned before, this 5 rock fills are 8th note fills. It follows the same idea of  the 3 rock grooves played as 8th note pattern.

Now let’s start learning the fills (video below)


Learn a lot of new fills is amazing, it can really cause a lot of inspiration about what type of fills that you can play.  If you want to learn more about cajon fills, and how to build your own fills,  you can check the Fills Course 1 that includes all the tools for you to start creating you own cajon fills. If you are interested The link is here.

Reminder: If you want to get the notation for the fills you’ve learned in this lesson you can click right here to get it. It’s totally for free.

I hope you liked the lesson, and if you ant you can leave a comment below with your thoughts and suggestions.

I will see you soon 😉

Take care



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