How To Play Fills/Breaks on Cajon

Hello cajon players! I hope you are doing well.

I’m going to teach you 5 must know cajon fills. These 5 fills are 2 beat fills, let’s say “half-bar fills”. All the fills are placed on beats 3 & 4 of the bar. These fills are very useful short transitions that I use quite a lot and I think you should learn.

I will first play the fills as I would play in a musical context with a groove for you to listen how it sounds. Then I will breakdown each one very slow for you to learn.

As always, there is a PDF of this lesson available in the Free Area at

So, without further ado let’s get started!


Now you have this 5 cool fills to add to your list.

I suggest to you that you spend some time practicing to integrate it, after that, you are going to have this forever, trust me.

Keep playing and having fun with the cajon, this is the most important thing.

See you next time with another lesson!

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