How to Play Drums on the Cajon


I’m here today with another cajon lesson for you.

Following the video I’ve posted last year of drum kit grooves adapted for the cajon in this tutorial I’m going to show you the pop funk groove. The one you saw at the beginning.

The interesting thing about this groove is that it has a similar intention because I play the 16th note hi-hat pattern alternating the hands like we normally do when we play 16th note grooves on the cajon.

The tutorial starts slow at 50bpm. This way you will internalise the pattern before trying it in faster tempos.

After you have it down,  integrated we go to 75bpm and then the goal tempo 100 bpm.

The pdf with the notation of this lesson is in the description and of course, it’s free! PDF download

So, time to learn this groove, let’s get started!


Now you have a new groove down integrated and I suggest to you to practice this beat with music. I’ve included in the pdf suggestions of songs for you to practice this groove.

So, don’t forget to get your Free Pdf 

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I’ll See you soon in the next one.


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  1. I love that you talked about how you will internalize the pattern in this manner before attempting it at quicker tempos. This will be helpful for my cousin who wants to learn how to play drums as a hobby. I’ll keep in mind to share your article with him so he can watch your drum lessons, thanks!

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