How to Play Cajon with Bongos

What’s up cajon players! I hope you are doing well.

I’m here with another cajon tutorial for you. Today I’m going to show you how to combine cajon with bongos. I really like this combination because of the different sounds that you can get from the instruments.

To exemplify these combination I’m going to teach you a really simple and cool Cajon Groove with bongos that I think will be a good start for you.

You can follow the tutorial with the free pdf available in the Free Area

Before start the tutorial let’s have a look in the bongos I’m using here

They are from Meinl Percussion. Very nice and affordable Bongos, I highly recommend it! Here is the link for you to check – Meinl Journey Series Bongo 

So, time to learn the groove, let’s go to it!


I hope you like the groove and it has inspired you to try and create your own grooves with bongos.

And If you just bought your first cajon and want to learn the basics, you can sign-up for my Cajon Starter course, it’s free!

Thanks a lot for watching this video lesson

I’ll see you soon in the next one.


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