How to have a good Posture on the Cajon

Hi cajon players, I hope you’re doing great!

This is the first cajon lesson of the year 2022. And I’m happy to be back here with this one that I think might be helpful for you.

I’ve decided to start from the base that for me is the Posture on the cajon and how to seat correctly.

I’m going to show not only one but 3 positions that I normally use when I’m playing and also some wrong positions that I think can be bad for your back and can affect your playing.

For all this positions, I would suggest to you to test it in front of a mirror. This will help you to see if you’re doing it right.

Let’s watch the video and check these 3 positions.


And that’s it! Those were the posture positions that work for me. It’s important to say that I’m always switching from one to the other depending of the situation, like here in the studio for example or in a long gig where I will probably use all these positions.

I would like that you to try these positions and tell me which one works better for you.

Please comment below which one is your favourite posture position of these 3 and also if you have a different way to seat on the cajon, I would love to know 😉

I’ll see soon in the next lesson!

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