How to Get Faster on Cajon πŸš€ Faster Hands

Hello cajon drummers!

Today I’m going to answer questions that many of you want to know:

How to play faster on cajon? how to increase your hand speed?

There are 2 ways to see that, first one is the RAW speed, for example when you practice single strokes and you simply play it, increasing the tempo without thinking in a pattern. And second there is the Pattern speed, that’s the one I’m going to show you today.

I think the pattern speed is the best way to increase the tempo and sound more natural when you need to play faster grooves and fills. I’ve selected 3 patterns that I use to warm up and helped me a lot to increase the speed on the cajon.

I suggest to you to start practicing the patterns slow and then increase the tempo according to your progress.Β 

The pdf with the 3 exercises is available in the Free Area at


These are some ideas of patterns that will help you to increase your speed and sound more natural on the cajon. After watching the lesson and learn the patterns I would like that you take this exercises as a starting point to create your own patterns, this would be very cool!

Leave your comments below with your thoughts about this tutorial.

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I will see you next time with another lesson.

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