How to Film Yourself Playing Cajon

Do you ever record yourself playing Cajon?

I do all the time and it’s not just to make my YouTube videos. Watching and listening to recordings of yourself playing is a great way to find out the things you need to improve and work on in your practicing. 

In this video I’m gonna show you some simple ways to film and record yourself. 

I get questions like these all the time. 

“Can I play this groove with this song”

“I don’t know why but my double strokes are weak”

“I’m struggling to play this groove. My slap tone sounds weird”

The thing is that I can’t always give a proper answer to your questions because I can’t see or hear what you’re playing so I’m inviting you to film yourself playing and submit the video to me so I can review it and give you some feedback. 

I’ve put a link in the description below with all the instructions you need to follow in order to submit your video. I’ll go through the videos submitted and choose a few of them to go over on my YouTube channel. This is open to cajon players at all levels.

So, now let’s get into how exactly you should go about film/recording yourself.


So, If you haven’t been doing it already I hope you’ll start recording yourself after watching the video. It can really help yourself improve quite a lot by being your own teacher most of the time.

I also hope that some of you will send me your videos playing so that I can go through them and share my thoughts with you.

Here is the link to submit the video –

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