How to Play Cajon with Cymbals

This video is an introduction of how to use cymbals with your Cajon. This will be a great option to expand you set up adding new sounds.

As a drum kit player myself, I tend to emulate the drum kit with the cajon most of the time and I think cymbals are great to give that drive to the grooves.

I will first explain the different types of cymbals I use here to give you an overall idea in how it sounds with the cajon (See video)

The cymbals I’m using today are from Meinl and this is a special series of cymbals called Candela. These cymbals were designed for percussion players and it goes well to play with timbales, congas and of course cajons. 

They are thinner cymbals perfect if you want to play with brushes, rod sticks and also with your hands. In this video I’m using a Nylon Brush and Bamboo rodsticks, both by Meinl.

Meinl Candela Cymbals

First one, The crash cymbal 16” inches I use in my left side, Meinl has also the 14” crash.

Now the ride cymbal – actually this one its a Candela Timbales Crash/Ride 18” inches. This is great for this set because you can use to crash with rod sticks and ride with brushes.

The hi-hat its 10” hithat with the top very thin which is great to play also with hands.

The 10” splash, very thin and fast, great to play with hands  as well.

To finish this set, This is an effect cymbal that is the Candela Jingle-bell. As the name said it sound like bell with and with the jungles you can have different effects depending on the sticks or brushes you use.

All Cymbals Specs – Meinl Percussion

Watch the video to listen the sound of the cymbals with the Cajon.


To Buy Meinl Candela Cymbals & Sticks 

Timbales Crash/Ride 18″:

Crash 16″:

Crash 14″:

Hi-Hat 10″:

Splash 10″:

Jingle Bell 14″:

Nylon Brushes:

Bamboo Rod Stick:

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