Brazilian Rhythms on Cajon – IJEXÁ & FORRÓ

Hello cajon drummers!

I was in Brazil last month taking some time off and visiting family, and of course playing music with my friends. It’s Always great to be there playing and listening to the music.

I’ve taken this opportunity to film some lessons over there in my “tropical studio”. Everyone knows about Brazilian Carnival and the famous Samba style. However, it’s important to say that Brazil is not only Samba. It’s huge country with 27 states and in almost every state we have a different style of music. For this lesssons I’ve chosen 2 very popular music styles from the northeast of Brazil, the Ijexá and the Forró.


Ijexá is a rhythm originating from the Afro-Brazilian religious tradition of Candomblé. It has its roots in the Yoruba culture of West Africa and is characterized by its syncopated beat and lively energy. In Brazil, Ijexá is commonly associated with the state of Bahia, particularly in the city of Salvador, where it is often heard during religious ceremonies, festivals, and cultural events. It has also influenced various musical genres in Brazil, including samba and bossa nova, adding an African flavour to the country’s rich musical tapestry.

Full video lessons below:



Forró is a lively Brazilian dance and music genre originating from the northeast region of Brazil. It blends elements of European polka, African rhythms, and indigenous music. The music typically features accordion, zabumba (a type of drum), and triangle. Forró has various styles including traditional, pé-de-serra, and modern. It’s known for its infectious rhythms and energetic dance moves, making it popular not only in Brazil but also internationally. It’s often associated with festivals, parties, and celebrations.

Here is the lesson:


FREE PDF for both lessons available here:

Thanks a lot for watching.

See you soon in the next lesson!

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