Learn 4 Basic Cajon Beats with Brushes

Today I’m going to teach you 4 basic grooves using brushes. 

Actually for this grooves I’m going to use just 1 brush with my right hand playing 8th notes, simulating the hi-hat of a drum set.

There are many techniques to use brushes on the cajon. And I suggest you to start with this one. For this video I’m using a nylon brush, but of course you can use any type brushes. And if you need help with that you can check my previews post where I show the basic techniques and the different types of brushes – Using Brushes on Cajon

I will first play the grooves as I would play in a musical context to then go to the tutorial slow at 60bpm for you to learn.

You can follow this grooves with the free PDF available here

So if you’re ready, let’s get started!


Now you have this 4 cool grooves to put in your groove library 😉

Please, Leave your comment below with your opinions about this brushes. I would love to know which groove you like the most.

Thank you!


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