Welcome to the Bossa Nova tutorial Lesson III

Now we are going to see the last left hand variation of the Bossa Nova groove on Cajon. This pattern is a bit more complex, I suggest you to try it very slow.

This snare pattern is placed on beats 1 – 1& – 2 – 2e – 2a – 3e – 3a – 4e – 4&  of the bar.

Follow the lesson along with the PDF 

After these lessons you can now try to combine all the variations and create your own melody with the left hand.

This was the Bossa Nova groove for Cajon! Now it is the moment to spend some time practicing the groove slowly to internalise it. Once you feel comfortable with that try it whit different tempos. I also suggest you to choose Bossa Nova songs you like to practice this groove.

Thanks for watching!

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